Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Rising Importance of Access Control Systems

Automatic doors locking systems or access gates have become very common all over the globe. Big companies like Google and even small housing places are using access control systems to secure their personal properties. There is a simple reason behind this; such systems minimizes the security check duration to a large extent as well as reduces the manpower required for such security checks in various locations.

The Access control systems have inbuilt access control keypads that allows the addition and deletion of various users from the systems who are either denied or granted access.

These systems use heavy-duty rugged keypads that can be programmed to do one or more than one function at a time as per the requirements. In fact, some keypads can be programmed to do as many as twenty six functions at a single instant.
Important advantages of access control keypads are as follows:

1.It reduces the manpower requirements as they can do the work of multiple persons
2.Time spent in the security checks is greatly reduced
3.Completely secure and cannot be tampered from outside
4.Highly customizable
5.Used in the harsh conditions as well

Such systems have a keypad with display which is very useful in providing feed backs for the users who wants to gain access. This feedback helps to check the data users have entered and when they find it incorrect, can correct it accordingly as well.

These access control systems can be powered by using Poe injector technology which can act as an excellent alternative to conventional sources of transmitting the power.

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