Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Integrated Switch Enabled 810 Keypad With Two RJ 45 Ports

The 810 keypad by Electrone Americas Pvt Ltd is an excellent option for controlling and powering a local serial device through various connections such as intranet or internet.

This product has the best numeric keypad designed while keeping all the safety industry standards in mind and consideration. It has the following dimensions:

•    Width - 4 inches
•    Height - 1.9 inches
•    Depth - 6 inches

Considering all these dimensions, we can say that this is indeed a very compact keypad which is portable and highly convenient for everyday easy handling and use.
The various standards used by this Numeric keypad are:

•    IEEE 802.3
•    IEEE 802.3af

Both of these industry standards can be relied upon for complete safety and best results; thus this keypad doesn’t compromises on anything that would be a hindrance in getting the best possible results out of these keypads every time.

The 810 keypad is a USB keypad with display with 3 ports which includes 2 Ethernet ports and 1 jack. The Ethernet ports are used for providing connectivity to the device depending upon the type of network based upon TCP protocol they are used in; namely Intranet or Internet. They can also be used for providing power to the devices using POE injector technology. The Display integrated into this device is a LCD type which displays 16X2 characters, with each character constituting 5X8 dots.

The Electrone Americas 810 keypad is an affordable piece of engineering marvel available to be bought starting from 229 $ only.

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