Tuesday, 15 July 2014

USB-VCP Model A Simple connection For Bi-Directional Communication

Product capsule:

•Host PC assigns COM port number to keypad and communicates bi-directionally with unit. Requires the installation of driver.

•Keypad connects to host PC through regular USB port;

•Communication is via the virtual COM port.

•Application can control screen, sending characters to display and commands to clear.

USB-HID model, Ideal for customer input and batch send.
Product capsule:

•Device is ideal for use with existing application that requires customer information. THE HID is a Plug and play numeric keypad that requires no integration.

•Unit displays on-screen numbers/ keystrokes as entered by the user. 'Backspace' key corrects information and ‘Enter’ sends string of characters and clears the screen for the next user.

•USB powers the device which requires no drivers

•User can order usb number keypad with or without a trailing carriage return; some applications will see the carriage return as the command to move to the next filed of entry.

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