Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Electrone 735 Numeric keypad for Global Spec

Electrone America’s proven 735 keypad is a unique, low-cost product that can solve a wide variety of network communication problems. The keypad is ideal for all industries—any environment that requires entering ID numbers, linking hardware with someone’s software, or wants a numeric display for confirmation of data. Most importantly for those entering identification numbers, a usb number keypad that feedbacks and gives confirmation as to what had been entered is of paramount importance.

Electrone Americas realizes that each organization has specific requirements when searching the market for an appropriate product. That’s why Electrone America’s keypads are versatile and flexible enough to work with most existing software.

For martial arts studios in particular, which attract a range of clientele, programmable keyboards adroitly fulfill the function of monitoring attendance. For example, The Shuyokan Ryu Martial Arts Center in California approached Electrone for a keypad solution to tracking attendance that wouldn’t require a barcode scanner and that would make sure that card ID entered was correct. 

David Dye, the owner of the studio, was clear about what he needed for optimal efficiency: a numeric keypad with a display so the student can see the numbers as entered, with a backspace key to correct errors. Once the number was inputted accurately, Dye wanted an Enter or Green button to enter the number into the software program.

“Above all, I needed it to be kept simple,” says Dye, “so that a seven-year-old could use it without problems. Electrone Americas was the only company I found that could do what I wanted my hardware to do. They were very helpful, and as soon as I plugged their keypad in, it worked, and alleviated the need for having a second computer.”

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